Ref Centre provides a major benefit to any league or club: the ability to assign referees quickly and efficiently. However, it can also help to alleviate the perceived shortage in referees as Ref Centre tools allow administrators to make the best use of the available referee pool. Other significant benefits to assignment administrators include:

  • Online game reports: no need to wait for the referee game reports to arrive by fax or mail; access them online with Ref Centre’s game report module
  • Easy communication with referees: send emails to an individual, specific group, or all game officials with Ref Centre's communication tools
  • Payment tools: calculate a referee's payment each month with Ref Centre’s payment module. Several tools are available to assist you with the financial side of referee assignment
  • Act as a referee proxy: not every referee will have internet access; use the proxy tool to act on their behalf
  • Schedule tools: make changes to your schedule online and Ref Centre automatically communicates the change to the appointed game officials