The belief that not enough referees are available is common in recreational sports; however, is the perceived referee shortage caused by a lack of numbers, or is it caused by a lack of organization?

We believe it is a bit of both, and even though Ref Centre can’t create more referees for you, it can improve your referee assignment process. Our customers have proved that, when they use Ref Centre, they can show an immediate decrease in the number of rescheduled games due to referee shortages. Fewer rescheduled games mean your organization is able to get better use from the other scarce commodity: your soccer fields.

Central Assignment

To achieve maximum results towards solving referee shortages, you may want to consider central assignment. By co-operating with other local clubs and leagues, available referees can be pooled into Ref Centre and centrally assigned for all games at the same time. This ensures the most efficient use of the available referee pool in your area.

Ref Centre has dramatically reduced referee shortage problems where it has been used as a central assignment tool.