Referees are invited to register with the Ref Centre (website) where they are asked for their contact information and preferences regarding fields and the leagues they would like to officiate in. Referees only need to register with Ref Centre once.

Registered referees will be able to log into the site and indicate their availability using Ref Centre’s calendaring tool.

The administrator responsible for referee assignment can upload league schedules into the Ref Centre database. After approving the referees for the league and verifying which divisions each referee can officiate in, the administrator can begin appointing the appropriate game officials for each game in the schedule. This ensures that referees of a particular ability level can only officiate in games they are qualified for.

Assignment administrators have two methods available for assigning game officials: assignment on a game by game basis (manual method), or batch assignment of multiple games (automated method). Typically, the automated method is used to assign all games in a month and can be completed in just a few minutes – a process that used to take several days, and many phone calls and emails before Ref Centre.

Once an assignment is made, the referee is notified by email of an invitation to officiate. The referee is directed to their personal, Ref Centre web account to accept or decline the invitation. Once accepted, a permanent record of the game assignment is made in the Ref Centre database. To prevent referees from “shopping” for preferred games, referees who refuse an invitation become unavailable for another game assignment in that timeslot, unless they are released by the assignment administrator.

During any season there will always be cancellations from referees. When cancellations occur, the system can automatically find a replacement or the administrator can choose to manually reassign the game.

The Ref Centre process ensures that correct referees are assigned to games quickly and efficiently; to the benefit of leagues, referees and players alike.