These are just some of the features available with Ref Centre:
Referee Features :: Administrator Features

Referee Features

  • Monthly calendar allows referees to indicate their availability
  • Preview of each game assigned to a referee
  • Field directions and maps
  • Transfer last minute cancellations from other referees

Game Reporting

  • Submit game scores online
  • Submit red and yellow card reports online

Administrator Features


  • Assign officials on a game by game basis (manual assignment)
  • Batch assignment of multiple games (automated assignment)
  • Matching referee profiles to game suitability (division, location, etc.)


  • Import schedules from Microsoft Excel
  • Monthly or weekly views of schedules
  • Modify schedules as needed (e.g. change kick off time)
  • Add or delete games as needed


  • System generated emails notify officials of schedule changes
  • Email all, or just select groups of referees in your database (e.g. youth referees only)
  • Post and manage news articles to your referees’ account homepage


  • Calculate monthly payments for each referee
  • Create complete payrolls for all games in a month
  • Calculate total, seasonal referee payments
  • Integrate with a direct deposit banking system
  • Add additional payments on a game-by-game basis (e.g. travel reimbursement)


  • Act as a proxy for referees without internet access
  • Submit game reports on their behalf
  • Accept or decline games on their behalf


  • Ref Centre can generate numerous reports to help with your refereeing program